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  • burrata-cheese

    Burrata Cheese

    If you are a food enthusiast, especially those from Italy - a country with great cuisine, then you must have heard of Burrata Cheese. Burrata is the perfect blend of Mozzarella and whipped cream. Burrata's flavor is far...

  • grilled-chicken

    Grilled Chicken

    Grilled Chicken cuisine looks simple but is loved by many diners when coming to Mad Cow. This cuisine has become a favorite in the last 1 month because of chef Mad Cow's special recipe, rich wine sauce served with...

  • beef-carpaccio

    Beef Carpaccio

    Carpaccio is a popular traditional Italian appetizer. At Mad Cow, Beef Carpaccio is a combination of thinly sliced beef, Parmesa Cheese, Lemon and Rocket Salad. When visiting Mad Cow during this time, Beef Carpaccio...

  • grilled-sea-bass

    Grilled Sea Bass

    In this Seasonal Menu, Maddie brings you a completely new dish – Grilled Sea Bass. Nutritious grilled sea bass, carefully prepared by the chef with just the right grill temperature to preserve freshness, served with...

  • cold-cut-cheese-platter

    Cold Cut & Cheese Platter

    A popular appetizer and loved by the delicious taste, high nutritional value of cheeses and cold cuts. Cold Cut & Cheese Platter in Seasonal Menu is the ideal answer to your dinner. Maddie is waiting for you at Mad...

  • peach-vodka

    Peach Vodka

    Mad Cow always wants to bring new and special feelings, every time you come will be a new experience. Peach Vodka has main ingredient comes from peach pieces combined with vodka. Hey! Get dressed and go to Mad Cow!...

  • beef-tartare

    Beef Tartare

    Come to Mad Cow Wine & Grill to try the new and creative dish in September - Beef Tartare is a raw ground beef served with finely chopped onions and garnished with raw egg yolks. VND 320,000++

  • happy-hour

    Happy Hour

    Looking for a place to hang out with your friends after work? Head over to our Urbane Lounge for Happy Hour on selected wines, spirits, cocktails and beers! From 5:00PM to 7:00PM  

  • pot-au-feu

    Pot Au Feu

    Pot au feu is a harmonious combination of beef when stewed with onions and cinnamon, star anise and pepper. The highlight for this dish comes from the broth when prepared according to a special recipe to create harmony for...

  • bone-marrow

    Bone Marrow

    This new month, Mad Cow is pleased to introduce to you an unique and first-time restaurant. Bone Marrow has many nutrients, will be an amazing dish of dinner for you and your loved ones. VND 260,000++

  • margherita-pizza

    Margherita Pizza

    The return of Margherita Pizza will be a great choice for this September. With new flavors, beautifully presented, you will be immersed in every slice of Pizza. VND 220,000++ per pizza.  

  • ladies-wednesday

    Ladies Wednesday

    Hey Ladies, every Wednesday night is your night at Mad Cow Wine & Grill. Treat yourself and your bestie a glass of wine, beer, spirit or cocktail during Ladies' Happy Hour, from 7:00PM - 9:00PM.

  • mojito-thirsday

    Mojito "Thirsday"

    It will be a perfect date when enjoying 2 unique glasses of mojito and indispensable snacks. Don't forget you have a date at Rooftop Bar every Thursday with a special promotion Mojito “Thirsday” - Buy 2 Mojitos Get 1...

  • mad-hour


    - MAD HAPPY HOUR: Looking for a place to hang out with your friends after work? Head over to our Urbane Lounge for Happy Hour on selected wines, spirits, cocktails and beers! From 6:00PM to 7:00PM - LADIES...

  • burrata-cheese